Taboo that you should know when travelling in Thailand

Thailand is famous not only for the famous sights, the delicious food, but also in hospitality. Thai people extremely friendly and hospitable, but they also their own communication rules. Once aware of the taboo on travel to Thailand below will help you a lot.

Do not touch the other person

Thais taboo for women give anything to the monk directly, if you want to take something for monks to take over men or monks towel to catch objects, so when in crowded places try to avoid touching the shoulders of the monks. Not only that you should not touch the top of someone, according to Thai people, the head is the most valuable parts of the human body. Therefore you should not touch or fondle children or pats head, patted his back others that were considered insulting gesture.

Leave slippers in front of the entrance of the house, temple.

Thais notion that doorstep is where spirits dwell so you should avoid stepping on it and leave your footwear outside but not in front before entering the house or in the temple.

Do not top-naked in public

Being shirtless in public is considered an illegal act, the police can fine in the case of fully naked. So even when the weather is hot, you should pay attention not to undress in public places.

Do not use the foot  to point at people or objects

One of the taboos in Thailand is not to use your foot to point people or objects, especially not sit cross when communicating. That is because they think feet are the worst parts of the human body so when sitting you should pay attention not to point the feet towards Buddha statue inside.

Do not use your left hand to hand objects to others.

Thais notion that the left hand is not clean so when presented mementos to others, you should use the right hand to show respect.