Bath Attractions: What To Do When You Stay in Bath

The city of Bath is situated around 13 miles from Bristol and 99 miles from England’s capital London. The town has held a Royal Charter since 1590 which was granted by Queen Elizabeth I. However it wasn’t actually given its administrative independence until 1889 and was made into a county borough. It came back into Somersets care recently, after a time in the then county of Avon.


Many thousands of people each year visit this historic and fascinating town each year and enjoy everything that his has to offer. Here are just a few of the things you can do when you stay in Bath.


  1. Roman Baths – Probably the most famous attraction in Bath. These baths can trace their history back to the days of the Romans and are the last surviving hot spring baths in the country. Along with seeing where the water for the baths comes from you are able to walk along the same stone pavements as the ancient Romans. If you prefer a more modern style, there are also tea rooms here.


  1. Jane Austen Centre – Here one can learn more about the city’s most famous resident. Along with learning more about her life also how life in Bath would have been during her lifetime. There are exhibitions, films and tours to help bring everything to life. Not to mention the tea rooms to relax in. You can also enjoy some grand views of the city.


  1. The Fashion Museum – This features fashion through the ages. The collection covers how clothing has changed from the sixteenth century to current times. Although there are only 150 display models the museum has more than thirty thousand fashion items to select from.


  1. Stanton Drew Stone Circles – No-one is quite sure how old these stone circles are but it is a great place to just wander around and and wonder what it has seen over the years. It is also thought the famous designer John Wood used these stones as inspiration when he designed Bath’s Royal Crescent and Circus. Just make sure the weather is on your side when you visit.