Backgammon Players

While poker is by far the most popular casino game and poker stars became as popular as Hollywood starts, many veteran players are now revealing their new favorite gambling game: backgammon.

Legendary poker stars like Chip Reese and Abe Mosseri have already announced their admiration for this old and exciting game and already participated in backgammon tournaments that took place in Las Vegas.

What attracts those masters of poker to backgammon? Many of them explain that it’s not the money involved or the prestige, but the unique nature of this game, the mental challenge and the social nature of it. Unlike poker, where players have to fold when they get bad hands, in backgammon there is no down-time, it’s non-stop action and fun both to players and the spectators.

Another thing that makes backgammon a popular game for professional poker players is that this game is based on strategy not less that it’s based on luck. In the short run, good luck can help you win the game, but in the long run, skill dominates and without it, you cannot win the game or the tournament, or in other words, if you play one game against the world champion, you might win, but if you’ll play a series of games, you won’t have too much chance to beat him.

Not only professional players prefer this game. Many amateur backgammon players are getting hooked to this game, each and everyday.

Although the rules of the game are a bit more complicated than other games, you can learn it all in few hours and with only few practices, you can start playing against more experienced players. Add this to the unique mixture of skills and luck that is required for this game and you’ll get the ultimate pleasure for those who seek a social game that provides hours of fun.

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