Backgammon Players

While poker is by far the most popular casino game and poker stars became as popular as Hollywood starts, many veteran players are now revealing their new favorite gambling game: backgammon.

Legendary poker stars like Chip Reese and Abe Mosseri have already announced their admiration for this old and exciting game and already participated in backgammon tournaments that took place in Las Vegas.

What attracts those masters of poker to backgammon? Many of them explain that it’s not the money involved or the prestige, but the unique nature of this game, the mental challenge and the social nature of it. Unlike poker, where players have to fold when they get bad hands, in backgammon there is no down-time, it’s non-stop action and fun both to players and the spectators.

Another thing that makes backgammon a popular game for professional poker players is that this game is based on strategy not less that it’s based on luck. In the short run, good luck can help you win the game, but in the long run, skill dominates and without it, you cannot win the game or the tournament, or in other words, if you play one game against the world champion, you might win, but if you’ll play a series of games, you won’t have too much chance to beat him.

Not only professional players prefer this game. Many amateur backgammon players are getting hooked to this game, each and everyday.

Although the rules of the game are a bit more complicated than other games, you can learn it all in few hours and with only few practices, you can start playing against more experienced players. Add this to the unique mixture of skills and luck that is required for this game and you’ll get the ultimate pleasure for those who seek a social game that provides hours of fun.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

Make Your Time Yours: 5 Steps for Better Time Management

Investing time wisely disproportionately gives you much more back. Being more efficient or simply reducing activities will give you more to spend on what’s most important to you.

Here are 5 steps to do that:

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Carve Out Time from What’s not Important for What is Important.

Cut out just 5 minutes on something that doesn’t bring value to your life. A few minutes saved from negative news put towards healthy self-invested time every day will go a long way. This will help you leverage time with more meaning and direction. You can also take this time and follow these 3 simple steps every morning to give you more productivity and peace all day long.

Identify your priorities in life. Find out what wastes your time.

What at the end of your life do you want to have done? Write a book? Travel the world? You have to keep in mind your life goals in order to work toward them.
Then examine the energy, effort, and time that you may spend every day to impress people or live up to anyone’s expectations other than your own. Eliminate that and keep in mind your aspirations.

Say NO from now on more often, so you can say Yes to what you want.

Saying yes to things we think we have to do is saying no to what we want or need to do. So do the opposite. Do not people please at the expense of your valuable time. Believe your time is valuable and action will follow.
Even if you have commitments now, Say NO in the future to what takes up your time for what is not essential. Will the majority of your efforts that you spend most of your time matter in 5 or 30 years from now?
(Keep doing those things that bring you current happiness such as family time or hobbies along with other life goals too. That can also count long-term.)

Saying no will give you more buffer time between what you have to do. Things usually take longer than we think they do. If we plan accordingly, then we can be more on time, less stressed, and more in the present because we do not have a million things buzzing around in our heads.
Eliminate that which is not necessary to live more simply.

Do what you have to do more efficiently, so you can do more of what you want to do.

I’ll have an entire post about this shortly. But for now just a note:
What makes you more efficient? A clear mind. Being unburdened by sadness, worry, and stress. Focusing on one thing at a time.

You will end up saving time with your efficiency gained and doing what you do better in the end.
Three tips–Make sure to only check cell phone and email messages at scheduled intervals (e.g. once in the morning, once in the afternoon). Getting a text or email every 10 minutes is a big distraction that keeps you off your game, wasting a lot of time and energy getting back into focus.

Do not skimp on sleep! Research from the American Industrial Health Association states that people who stay up 18-21 hours make as many mistakes as someone who is legally drunk. Further, creativity, motivation, and mental faculties are reduced.

– Taking time to keep a clean area will allow you to fully concentrate on the task at hand. It is more than worth the time it takes.

Take a hike! (Schedule your distraction)

No, seriously. Schedule time to take a walk outside, your favorite tv show, or any mental or physical break for that matter. Schedule time for breaks.

What? I have a project/paper to do!

But have you ever read a page over and over and pulled a blank? It is a lot of wasted time and mental strain to get nowhere fast.

Several studies have shown that a walk in nature can increase concentration, and even decrease the symptoms of ADHD
And although the brain is mostly fatty tissue, it acts like a muscle. It needs breaks to keep going strong.
So schedule your work time in 30-45 minute blocks of focus, and then schedule a short break.
Schedule your (short) distraction, so you don’t give in to distraction excessively.

Working on a project will give you diminishing returns. What may take you 2 hours of working straight through may only take you 1.5 hours with scheduled breaks. And you’ll gain both quantity and quality.
With these practices, not only will you save time, but you can be more present, enjoy life more fully, live more simply, and have more time to spend towards your life goals and what is most important to you.

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How To Plan Last Minute Trips

Are you looking to take your family on a nice getaway? Have you just found out last

minute that you`re going to be able to take some unexpected time off? If you want to

plan a last minute trip, you could probably use some help. Last minute trips can be

some of the best unexpected vacations you ever take but it helps if you get some

assistance in planning.

The first step in your last minute round trip is to determine where you are going. You

won’t have a lot of time to goof around deciding so it’s time to make up your mind. Find

your destination and then book your round-trip travel plans today. You can't afford

wasted time when you’re dealing with last minute trips. Some people fear they will have

limited options when planning a last minute trip but this isn’t the case. If you’ve always

wanted to go to the Caribbean, this may be just the right time to make it happen. Since

the Caribbean is a popular getaway destination, there are many flights and trips

arranged on a regular basis, all throughout the year. This means that you can plan a

quick last minute Caribbean holiday in no time at all.

Disney is also not off limits when you want to plan last minute trips. They have many

great vacation trips that you can squeeze into a weekend or week at the last minute. In

fact, Disney vacations make a great choice when you’re planning at the last minute

because they offer so many package deals that you can arrange in just a few clicks

online or a simple phone call. Under these circumstances, Disney Land make for great

affordable family vacations.

Since you can now plan for trips and vacations online, there are more opportunities than

we once had. You can book flights, hotels and other reservations, buy your plane tickets

and rent a vehicle to drive once you are there. You can compare prices to help you find

the best deal and even try to snag a reservation that someone else had to cancel last

minute. Their misfortune could be your gain when you`re planning a last minute trip. The

most important thing you can keep in mind when planning last minute trips is not to get

stressed out. Not only can this lead to mistakes and other difficulties but it will also take

all the fun out of your plans. Let the stress go and enjoy the vacation you have, even if

you didn’t know it was coming. Don’t think that things have to be perfect and just go with

the flow a bit and you`re sure to have a great time.

Now that you know more about how to plan for last minute trips, you are prepared to get

ready for your trip today. Remember that you don’t have to let the stress get to you

during a trip, even if it’s planned on short notice. There are just too many resources out

there today to help you out for you to worry about last minute plans.

Good Study Tips – Time Management Strategies

Get It Right The First Time


What would happen if you had to do everything twice? Ouch! Now just reverse that and apply it to your everyday student activities. What would happen if you made sure you got a full night’s rest, ate a good breakfast, and really focused on taking good notes at a lecture? Chances are that you will have less hassle making sense of the notes, which will save significant time and energy…  Whatever it is you do – think of ways to do it better and quicker.

Avoid multitasking


Although it may feel like you are getting more done, multitasking is not the optimal way to study. During the time you have set up for study, keep distractions to a minimum, and the amount of material you absorb will increase.

Early studies found that students who were logged in to social sites while they worked had lower grades. As larger studies are published a debate has risen over whether social sharing “dummies” us down. You don’t have to wait for anyone to prove or disprove the effects of social sharing. Just ask yourself: “Does that activity belong to the 20% of my activities that will give me 80% of my good grades?“


Tackle Your Tough Subjects When You Have The Most Energy


One way to make sure you get the most from your study time is to set it up for a time of day when you are most efficient. For many people this is in the morning hours. Tackle the hardest subjects when you have the most mental energy. Save the subjects you acquire easily for later in the day, or during a break from the tough ones.


Take Short Breaks


Many students do best with some free time after school. It helps to relieve any stress from that part of their day. But that does not mean to come home and watch video games for hours, and then put off homework because you are too tired.  In addition to a short break after school, study breaks relieve tension and allow for more material to be absorbed for the entire session. Everyone is different. Some students can go for longer periods of time, pouring over texts. Different subjects will also “grab” students for longer periods of time. Become familiar with your personal needs in terms of optimal study times before you need a break. The study is like many other things in life: the more you give to it, the more it gives back!


Smart Networking


Learn to give and take with your fellow students. Share ideas, notes, etc… What you do well may help someone else, and what they do well may help you. Practice mixing with other students and see how they set up their study schedule. When you find something that works, add it to your own list of good study tips.

It will not always be easy to follow through with the planning you set up, but sticking with a good time management strategy is one the best decisions a student can make.

What To See and Do When You Stay in Liverpool, Home of the Beatles

For the past year now Liverpool, England has been the European Capital of Culture city. Certainly if you were to visit this wonderful city not just this year but next there will be plenty for you to do and see during your time there. You may not be aware but Liverpool is second only to London in terms of art galleries and museums per person.


But it isn’t just the city of Liverpool which has much to offer its visitors there are plenty of things to do and see in the surrounding areas. Here, we’ll look at just a few of the things you can see and do when you visit Liverpool.


Of course no visit to Liverpool would be complete without learning more about The Beatles. Situated in Albert Dock, Liverpool is the Beatles Story and here you can trace the group’s life back to the very beginning. It shows the visitors what happened when four young guys from this city became world famous. But not only does it look at their music but at their lives as they grew up and how they came to form such an iconic group.


Other places along with the Beatles Story that should not be missed during a visit to the Culture Capital of Europe are as follows:-


  1.     Merseyside Maritime Museum – Also located in Albert Dock this museum houses a wide array of items reflecting the importance of the sea to this city. Including how important both Liverpool and its docks were during World War Two and how members of the merchant navy coped with life on the high seas.  The museum also has exhibits on the Titanic, Lusitania and Forgotten Empress ocean liners.


  1.    Speke Hall – This looks at how life was in Liverpool as far back as the fifteenth century. Speke Hall is a famous half-timbered building and was originally built during the 1490s. It has a complete history of its life during the last 500 years.


  1.    Knowsley Safari Park – This was opened by the 18th Earl of Derby in 1971. Although most people go to visit the safari park there are plenty of other attractions for the whole family to enjoy. There is also the Reptile House, Childrens Farm and the Parrot and Sea Lion shows as well.


  1.    Western Approaches – This attraction is located under the streets of Liverpool and provides you with an insight into what life was like during the 1940s. Here is where the people were under constant pressure to protect England from invasion and ensure that the Battle of the Atlantic was won by us.  This is a truly dramatic way to see how we coped during those troubled times.

Enjoy London More With A Good Chauffeur Driver

Are you planning to travel to London for business or pleasure over the next few months?  If you are, an excellent way to get the most out of your trip to this historical city is to use a private chauffeur service.  From the moment you set foot on British soil a chauffeur company will be able to save you time and trouble.


Are you flying into Gatwick?  Chances are that you are, as most travelers pass through this busy airport.  Gatwick is one of Europe’s busiest runway airports. With its labyrinth of terminals and departure halls, it can be challenging to find your way out of the airport let alone to your hotel.  Ease your worries by having a private London chauffeur company there to help you. Try the company at the chauffeur driven car london site.  Your driver will be waiting for you in the departure lounge with your name on a placard in front of him.  Relax as your luggage is taken from you to a waiting car in nearby airport parking facility.  From there it’s straight onward to your hotel.


You will relax in the back of a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes while leaving your driver to the tricky task of navigating through London’s busy traffic systems.  Your chauffeur can drop you at your hotel or can also wait for you, if you have an immediate engagement or if you so desire.


If you have meetings what better way is there to get there on time, and with the minimum of hassle than to have a chauffeur driver waiting for you, able to drive you straight to your destination and onward to your next meeting with a minimum of hassle and fuss.


But the convenience and service of an expert chauffeur driver doesn’t have to end there.  After work hours a chauffeur car driver can act as an expert tour guide.  In fact many of these drivers do in fact also provide a private tour service of London.


You can take a luxury tour of all the major historical sites of London like Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch, the Houses of Parliament and the famous Tower of London.  Your driver will also be able to take you further afield to historic sites across Britain such as, Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and the Cotswolds and even the beautiful North – Scotland.


Hopefully you can now see that when you next visit Britain a professional chauffeur driver will allow you to enjoy your trip with unparalleled comfort.

Bath Attractions: What To Do When You Stay in Bath

The city of Bath is situated around 13 miles from Bristol and 99 miles from England’s capital London. The town has held a Royal Charter since 1590 which was granted by Queen Elizabeth I. However it wasn’t actually given its administrative independence until 1889 and was made into a county borough. It came back into Somersets care recently, after a time in the then county of Avon.


Many thousands of people each year visit this historic and fascinating town each year and enjoy everything that his has to offer. Here are just a few of the things you can do when you stay in Bath.


  1. Roman Baths – Probably the most famous attraction in Bath. These baths can trace their history back to the days of the Romans and are the last surviving hot spring baths in the country. Along with seeing where the water for the baths comes from you are able to walk along the same stone pavements as the ancient Romans. If you prefer a more modern style, there are also tea rooms here.


  1. Jane Austen Centre – Here one can learn more about the city’s most famous resident. Along with learning more about her life also how life in Bath would have been during her lifetime. There are exhibitions, films and tours to help bring everything to life. Not to mention the tea rooms to relax in. You can also enjoy some grand views of the city.


  1. The Fashion Museum – This features fashion through the ages. The collection covers how clothing has changed from the sixteenth century to current times. Although there are only 150 display models the museum has more than thirty thousand fashion items to select from.


  1. Stanton Drew Stone Circles – No-one is quite sure how old these stone circles are but it is a great place to just wander around and and wonder what it has seen over the years. It is also thought the famous designer John Wood used these stones as inspiration when he designed Bath’s Royal Crescent and Circus. Just make sure the weather is on your side when you visit.

Taboo that you should know when travelling in Thailand

Thailand is famous not only for the famous sights, the delicious food, but also in hospitality. Thai people extremely friendly and hospitable, but they also their own communication rules. Once aware of the taboo on travel to Thailand below will help you a lot.

Do not touch the other person

Thais taboo for women give anything to the monk directly, if you want to take something for monks to take over men or monks towel to catch objects, so when in crowded places try to avoid touching the shoulders of the monks. Not only that you should not touch the top of someone, according to Thai people, the head is the most valuable parts of the human body. Therefore you should not touch or fondle children or pats head, patted his back others that were considered insulting gesture.

Leave slippers in front of the entrance of the house, temple.

Thais notion that doorstep is where spirits dwell so you should avoid stepping on it and leave your footwear outside but not in front before entering the house or in the temple.

Do not top-naked in public

Being shirtless in public is considered an illegal act, the police can fine in the case of fully naked. So even when the weather is hot, you should pay attention not to undress in public places.

Do not use the foot  to point at people or objects

One of the taboos in Thailand is not to use your foot to point people or objects, especially not sit cross when communicating. That is because they think feet are the worst parts of the human body so when sitting you should pay attention not to point the feet towards Buddha statue inside.

Do not use your left hand to hand objects to others.

Thais notion that the left hand is not clean so when presented mementos to others, you should use the right hand to show respect.